About Bio-Oregon


Committed to Quality and Sustainability

Bio-Oregon commits itself to producing top quality fish feeds backed up by extensive research and highly developed logistics. Bio-Oregon’s experienced technical support and sales team are readily available to help all aspects of your operations and ensure that you get the best out of our fish feed products.

Bio-Oregon has a wealth of experience in North American fish feed production. We constantly strive for improvements in fish feed performance, logistics and service to ensure that we meet or exceed customer expectations.

The Bio-Oregon fish feed line includes products that embrace the latest in raw material replacement technology, reducing our reliance on fishmeal and fish oil and improving price sustainability. From traditional fish feeds to specialty low phosphorus and broodstock feeds, our customers will benefit from a wide variety of fish feeding options.


Exploring the Frontier of Fish Feed Nutrition

Established in 1989, our central Research & Development (R&D) department employs an international team of highly skilled R&D specialists. Our specialists undertake major research projects on a variety of fish species using a top grade analytical laboratory, a research station and a fish feed pilot plant. We also work closely with numerous universities and research institutes in international partnerships thereby drawing together the best available expertise from around the world.

The nutrition department at Bio-Oregon’s fish feed research facility identifies the dietary needs of different fish species and establishes how different raw materials can be used to meet those nutritional requirements. Over the past ten years, scientific work has generated results that can be used to support reductions in the fishmeal and fish oil content of our products by partial substitution with vegetable proteins and a blend of vegetable oils. These findings contribute to the development of sustainable, modern aquaculture.


Striving for Superior Customer Experience

Bio-Oregon understands the need for timely deliveries. Our customers can rely on us to maintain their productivity through our advanced and effective logistics systems managed by highly motivated staff.

Bio-Oregon’s strong logistics network is an ideal blend of high technology, electronic information processing, effective distribution management and the human touch. Customer orders are accommodated efficiently in production schedules so that your fish feed is available, packaged and dispatched for delivery when it is needed.

Bio-Oregon utilizes a variety of cost-effective methods of transport, from road transport supplying small fish farms and fish hatcheries, to boats and barges delivery feed directly to remote sites.